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8 Things You Don’t Know About Woodworking Pipe Clamps

For some beginners in the wood art filed, the choice of tools is always tangled. Without theoretical guidance and rich experience, you could only rely on luck.

It will be good luck when you hit it. You will pay tuition if you miss it, please do not worry, basically every DIY beginner has a mental and growing woodworking journey.

Different clamps could be used in different woodworks. How to quickly accumulate experience? How to avoid unnecessary tuition payment is actually one of the main purposes of establishing this column?

This time we will introduce several entry-level woodworking tools that we will encounter in wood art creation. And after that, you will be a professor in your work and know how to use it safety and efficiency.

We will use 3 articles to introduce these clamping tools, today, what we talking about is the woodworking pipe clamp.

Woodworking Pipe Clamps

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1. What is a woodworking pipe clamp
A woodworking pipe clamp is composed of a pipe hook, a fish plate, a firing splint, a trigger, a fish plate screw, a firing plate stop pin, a split pin, a trigger screw, a firing spring, a trigger spring, a pipe clamp handle and other components tool.

2. Usage of woodworking pipe clamp
The woodworking pipe clamp has a wide range of usages. It can be used as a woodworking tool for fixing woodworking tools, as well as for connecting and fixing water pipes. It is a necessary and basic tool in your woodwork.

3. How to use the woodworking pipe clamps?

Firstly, you need a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch water pipe with thread. And then thread the pipe into the pipe clamp head until to the top of the tool. And slide the other part into another end of the pipe.

Also if you have, we recommend our soft pads, like crap of wood, it could put on the pipe clamp end, so it will protect your woodwork and will not leave marks on it.

Then you could move the galvanized plated clutch and adjust the length you need, and keep it Parallel, and then twist the handle to get bigger pressure and tight your woodwork.

how to use woodworking pipe clamp

4. Pipe clamp production process

Our factory produces the parts and screws according to the mold, and then do grind and removes burrs in the grinder workshop, after getting a smooth appearance and then enters the spray dyeing workshop to perform plastic spray treatment.

After processing, Then hand it over to the workshop for assembly. When the assembly is completed, we put them in carton packs, normally 12pcs or 24pcs fill in one large carton, and then put cartons on the pallet. ( Pallets size could be customized as customer request)

Finally, we wrap the packaging tape on the whole pallets and cartons to prevent moisture and pull it into the warehouse or deliver it to the port for customers. Shipping, air, railway and expressway are all available as your request.

Notes: please do not twist too tight otherwise the excessive force will damage the woodwork. And stick this position for hours until the glue dry. And now your woodwork perfectly finished.

5. History of produce woodworking pipe clamps

Woodworking pipe clamps are our first tool to produce with the longest production history, it could date back to 2003. In the beginning, our technology needs to be improved, the finished product with poor plasticity and toughness. There are a few unqualified products that have some bubbles, so the product surface is relatively loose, resulting in poor. There was a lot of waste during the production process, which led to high costs.

Later, we checked and studied the production knowledge, ungraded the production technology, then the product qualification rate was greatly increased. After the improvement of the production process, we updated the molds and greatly improved the aesthetics of the product. Now we supply many famous brands in the world, the production and stocking capabilities and delivery in time have been greatly recognized internationally.

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6. Classification of pipe clamps

The pipe clamps could be divided according to galvanized pipe size, 1/2 and 3/4 inch woodworking pipe clamps are the most commonly used, also we can customize 1 inch size.

According to the classification of handles, they are divided into bar handle pipe clamps and crank handle pipe clamps; According to the working status classification, we are divided into ordinary pipe clamps and standing pipe clamps.

We also customized several clamps for customers, deep reach pipe clamps, movable handle woodwork clamps, aluminum alloy woodwork clamps.

Bar clamps have the lowest price and are mainly supplied to the domestic market. In the international market, the crank and standing model are more popular, and they are also top sales kinds in all our product series. In terms of 1/2 and 3/4 inch, 3/4 inch is more popular in the market.

If you are new to the market, we recommend a crank handle model and standing model for your test and we believe the market feedback will be better.

7. Advantages of woodworking pipe clamps

a. The multiple-disc-clutch design which allows a secure hold at any point along the pipe;
b. Spring lever control locks jaw at any needed location and provides quick release;
c. Carbon steel screw and T handle, chrome-plated;

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8.  KLAMP tool service

Our packaging is the generally neutral package. If you need to open your market and increase your own brand awareness, we can help you customize the blister packaging, which makes the tool look more grade.

No matter what is your requirements, we have rich experience to support you and provide you with the best service. If you need to leave your company logo on the pipe clamp casting, let us know and we will produce a mold only for you.

If you need to customize your packaging, no problem, send us the dimensions and drawings, and we will give you 100% of the effect you want. By the way, we could customize all kind of colors if you need. normally our woodworking pipe clamps are orange and black color, some customers need us to paint red and green.