C clamps VS F clamps

C Clamps VS F Clamps —— 5 Tips You Must Consider

In the last article, we talked about the woodworking pipe clamp, if you have the interest, please click 8 things you don’t know about woodworking pipe clamps

This time, we will bring you some knowledge about C clamps and F Clamps, you should know thease tips when you buy C clamps and F clamps.

C Clamp is also called shrimp bow code, G-shaped clamp or clip, woodworking c clamp and so on. If we go back to the ancient origin, C clamps are called as carriage makers clamp, or Carriage Clamp.

It is a hardware tool used to hold various shapes of workpieces, modules and other fixtures. Also, it could be used more filed not only for carpentry and welding.

Now, C clamp is with a wide range of usage, and it is very easy to carry and use. Thanks for the cast steel material, G clip is durable and unbreakable with long usage life.

1. Advantages of C clamp

C clamp adopts screw-in design, which can freely adjust the range to be clamped, and with powerful clamping force. The C clamp is hot-forged from 45 high-quality carbon steel. With overall heat treatment, it is with strong durability and greater strength. Mostly, the C clamp is a small type clamp.

2. Some specifications to pick up the right C clamp

Below features of the C clamp will help you to choose a C clamp you need, they are not neccessary data, but it will be useful:

  • Max opening ( also called reaching)
  • Throat depth(depth of reach)
  • Clamping size
  • Clamping force and strength

3. How to use a C clamp in your work

Twist the clamp and put the wood pieces you need to glue or cut or fix. Then Twist clockwise to squeeze the wood work tightly and need to keep the position for several hours.

C clamp is widely used in woodwork and when you use a C clamp, there is a tip that you could put a pad on the workpiece appearance avoid leaving a mark on the work. It could be used together with the table vise or other clamps and also it could be used alone.

Choose this sturdy C-clamp when your woodwork request a tight hold on your metal fabricating or woodworking projects.

C clamp features

4. Classification of G clamps

We could offer you various size C clamps according to your woodworking or welding work. We have 1 inch to 18 inch size for your request. Also if divided with the material, carbon iron and steel could be provided.

5. What do you need to notice when you buy a C clamp for your woodwork?

  • You need to check the screw, no one likes the bent screw and it wastes your work and time when you use it. Make sure it is straight.
  • Make sure the c clamp end has an adjustable Jaw.
  • Move the screw handle and make sure the screw is with no burs.

Let’s take a look for the tips of F clamps:

how to choose F clamps

F clamp, it is also called BAR clamp and speed clamp. We could know the name F clamp is from F-shape. The function of F clamp is similar to C or G clamp, and the throat depth is wider comparing with C clamp.
This clamp is used in woodworking filed and with screw or glue to hold tightly or in welding filed to hold together.
F clamp is made with two horizontal bars and one vertical bar. At the end of the clamp, there is a screw that could tight your work. F clamp is adjustable and it is easy to clamp large woodwork without a big screw.

1. Usage of F clamps

The F clamp is a necessary and basic tool in your woodwork. It has a wide range of usages. It can be used as a woodworking tool for fixing wood workpieces, in the meantime, it can be used on metalworking support. When you cut or saw one round subject like a coconut, F clamp will clamp it very tightly and release your hands.

2. Some data to choose the right F clamp.

You could choose the right and suitable size following the below features of the F clamp, it is not neccessary, but it will be helpful:

  • Max opening ( also called reaching)
  • Throat depth(depth of reach)
  • Bar length
  • Clamping force and strength
F clamps features

3.How to use an F clamp in a right way

F clamp is a very good option to clamp woodwork pieces together tightly. Please note that you have to leave enough space between this moveable jaw and the surface of your workpiece. In this way, you could work very easily, move and remove the workpiece as you like. Move the tail towards the head and make sure the wood be fixed tightly together.

If you use too much clamping force, maybe there will leave marks or damage your woodwork pieces. To avoiding this damage, a small wood block or pad is needed for your work.

The pads will be necessary to prevent your workpiece from being scratched by the metal adjustable jaw of the F clamp. It also spreads out the clamping pressure evenly so that your workpiece could be clamped evenly. If you are clamping the right way, you will always have an extra set of hands.

4.Classification of Fclamps

We could offer you various size F clamps according to your woodworking or welding work. We have 6 — 36 inch size for your request. F clamps also divided as many types, including F clamp with multiple discs clutch model, medium-duty classic F clamp, forged steel heavy duty F clamp, ratcheting clamp(level clamp), quick clamp (trigger clamp), SASH clamp and parallel clamp.

f clamps types

5.Advantages of our F clamps

  • 45# steel precision forging, production self-locking design, thickening and clamping stability inherent force.
  • This double-sided card is not easy to fall off.
  • With high-temperature quenching treatment, strong and durable, strong hardness and high toughness, easy to install and use.

Ok everyone, I hope these tips will help you to choose better C clamp and F clamps. Next time, we will talk about other common woodworking clamps.