How To Avoid Making Mistakes When You Buy Corner Clamps And A Clamps

Hi Everyone, today we will talk about two common clamps tools, CORNER CLAMPS and SPRING CLMPAS. I think below knowledges will help you when you plan to buy corner clamps or a spring clamps.

Corner clamp, it is also called angle clamp, which divided into single handle angle clamp and double angle clamp.
As far as I am concerned, corner clamp is not a traditional or typical clamp, like a C clamp or an F clamp. These clamps are used to hold some pieces together and tightly to gluing or welding or screwing.
The corner clamp's main function is to mitre joints. A typical clamp will get a very flat clamping, but if you use corner clamp, you will find that if you do not put another corner clamp on the other hand, the object is not even or flat.

drill press vise for wood

1. How to use the corner clamp?

Our corner clamp is designed with a quick release function, that will definitely help you work more efficiently. Pull the handle out and put the woodwork in the throat and push the handle back and tight them.

At this moment, if you only use one corner clamp, you will find that the wood is not even, because on the other hand, the wood is dangling. So the best solution is to put another corner clamp on the other side of the wood, so the woodwork will be flat and even.

Then you should remember the clamp is not for tightening your woodwork together, it is just for fixing and aligning. So you need to use your own hands to squeeze two pieces of woodwork together.

Then after you gluing the woodwork, you could run a plate and a screw to tighten it. Then you could loosen the handle and release your corner clamps.

framing clamps

90-degree corner clamp is suitable for some easy clamping missions, like some parts need to be nailed, welded and screwed. Of cause, it also could be used for more complicated works, like making DIY cabinets and all kinds of frames. Also, the corner clamps could be used as a clamping tool for 90-degree corner joints, also could work together with table vise.

Anyway, it is a must-own tool for DIY woodworkers and handyman’s assistant.

2. Classification of corner clamps

There are various types of corner clamps according to your woodworking or welding work request. KLAMP TOOLS can offer all of them.

The simple welding corner clamps. It is a lightweight and well known as glass holder and fish tan fixed tool.

The single hand right angle clamp and mitre clamp double handle corner clamp. Comparing with the welding corner clamps, there is quick release and different thickness blocks could be jointed.

The band clamp, which is also called frame clamp. It is a perfect choice if you need to clamp squaring or irregular frame or woods. It has a very wide range from 30 to 180 degrees.

band clamp

3. Advantages of our corner clamps

3.1 Suitable for woodworking or light steel clamping work, the clamping angle is 90 degrees
3.2 Steerable propulsion screw, objects of different thicknesses can also be completed at a right angle
3.3 Aluminum die-casting pliers body, lightweight and fast clamping